IMetadataStoreUpgradeCallback Interface

When implemented by a derived class, represents methods that Sync Framework can call to notify a provider that the metadata store file format is about to be upgraded.

interface IMetadataStoreUpgradeCallback : IUnknown

IMetadataStoreUpgradeCallback method



Called by Sync Framework before the metadata store file format is upgraded. Returns a value that indicates whether the upgrade can be performed.


Called by Sync Framework after the metadata store file format upgrade has finished.

IMetadataStoreUpgradeCallback is typically implemented by a provider.

When a metadata store file in the 1.0 format is opened by Sync Framework 2.x, it is automatically upgraded to the 2.x format, unless the provider registers to receive notification of the upgrade and indicates that the metadata storage service should not upgrade the file format. To register to receive upgrade notifications, pass an IMetadataStoreUpgradeCallback object to ISyncMetadataStore2::SetMetadataStoreUpgradeNotificationCallback before opening the metadata store.

Header: MetaStore.h