IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget Interface

SQL Server 2008 R2

When overridden by a derived class, represents an object that can provide information about a filtered replica to a notifying change applier.

interface IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget : IFilterTrackingNotifyingChangeApplierTarget

IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget method Description


Returns a list of item IDs that identify the items that are in the filter and are not contained in the specified knowledge.

Header: Synchronization.h

The IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget interface is implemented by a destination provider that represents a filtered replica and that uses an asynchronous notifying change applier supplied by Sync Framework. A filtered replica stores metadata both for items that are in the filter and for items that have recently been in the filter, but only stores data for items that are in the filter.

The change applier obtains the IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget object by passing IID_IFilteredReplicaNotifyingChangeApplierTarget to the QueryInterface method of the ISynchronousNotifyingChangeApplierTarget that is specified to the ApplyChanges method of the change applier.