Cell Styles


Cell styles specify a set of formatting properties that can be associated with one or more cells. Cell styles provide two benefits:

  • The set of formatting properties in a cell style can be applied to one or more cells in a single operation.

  • After a cell style is applied to a cell, subsequent changes to the formatting properties in the cell style can be propagated to the cell automatically.

For example, if it is desired that multiple cells in a sheet (1) share a common set of formatting properties, like bold font with a blue fill, then cell styles make it convenient to apply this set of formatting, and potentially modify the set later.

Supporting information for a cell style is specified in a Style record (section 2.4.269) (and optional StyleExt record (section 2.4.270)). This information includes a friendly name for the cell style and an index to the cell style XF (section that specifies the formatting for the cell style.