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2.2.18 jcidPageSeriesNode
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2.2.18 jcidPageSeriesNode


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: ElementChildNodesOfSection

The jcidPageSeriesNode structure specifies the properties of a series of pages (section 1.3.2). The value of the JCID element, as specified in [MS-ONESTORE], for this property set is "0x00060008".

Child Elements:

NotebookManagementEntityGuid: A NotebookManagementEntityGuid element (section 2.2.58) that specifies the identifier of the page series.

ChildGraphSpaceElementNodes: A ChildGraphSpaceElementNodes (section 2.2.65) element that specifies the child PageObjectSpace elements (section 2.1.10) of the page series.

TopologyCreationTimeStamp: A TopologyCreationTimeStamp element (section 2.3.32) that specifies when the page series was created.

MetaDataObjectsAboveGraphSpace: A MetaDataObjectsAboveGraphSpace element (section 2.2.81) that specifies jcidPageMetaData nodes (section 2.2.30) for each page in the page series.

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