2.2.6 Styles


This overview describes how formatting and protection information for cells in a sheet (1) is specified.

Cell formatting is composed of several sets of properties:

  • Font properties (bold, italic, font color, font size, etc…)

  • Fill properties (foreground color, background color, pattern, gradient, etc…)

  • Alignment properties (left, center, right alignment, etc…)

  • Border properties (left, right, top, bottom, thick or thin, color, etc…)

  • Number formatting properties (date, time, number of decimal places, etc…)

  • Protection properties (locked, hidden, etc…)

These properties, as a whole, describe how a particular cell is displayed and printed.

There are two types of objects that contain formatting properties. They are XFs (section and DXFs (section In general, XFs (section describe the formatting directly associated with a cell, and DXFs (section describe additional formatting properties that can be applied to one or more cells.