2.5.15 Terminate a Voice Call


This use case, illustrated in the following diagram, describes how a protocol client terminates a voice call.

Steps for Terminate terminating a voice call

Figure 14: Steps for terminating a voice call



  • The protocol clients are signed in, as described in section 2.5.5.

  • Initiate a call, as described in section 2.5.12, or accept a call, as described in section 2.5.14.


  1. Client A sends a SIP bye message to the protocol server to terminate the call, as described in [MS-SIPRE].

  2. The protocol server forwards the SIP bye message to Client B, as described in [MS-SIPRE].

  3. Client B sends a SIP response message, which accepts the request to the protocol server, as described in [MS-SIPRE].

  4. The protocol server forwards the response to Client A, as described in [MS-SIPRE].


  • A session between Client A and the Client B is cleared and the real-time voice packets are terminated.

  • If a call traverses through a media edge protocol server, the protocol clients deallocate these ports after the call is terminated.