2.2.77 TextRunFormatting


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: jcidRichTextOENode

The TextRunFormatting structure specifies the formatting properties of each text run in a paragraph that is specified by a TextRunIndex structure (section 2.2.76). By default, a paragraph consists of one text run and the rgFormattingIDs.rgUINT32 element contains one element.

Child Elements:

rgFormattingIDs: An array of ObjectID structures (section 2.1.6) that specifies the structures containing the formatting information for each text run. Each ObjectID in the array MUST reference a jcidParagraphStyleObjectForText structure (section 2.2.43) that contains formatting information for the text run. The number of rgUINT32 elements MUST be the number of elements in the TextRunIndex.rgIndices.rgUINT32 element plus 1, or exactly 1, if values are not set in the TextRunIndex structure.