2.6 Submit Files (XML) Specification


For each input element (section 2.2.43) inside of a webServiceAdapter element (section 2.2.39) in the form definition (.xsf) file, there MUST be a corresponding XML file defined. This SHOULD be accomplished by naming the files according to the pattern "Submit[0-9]*.xml". The first file SHOULD be "Submit.xml", and the subsequent files SHOULD be "Submit1.xml", "Submit2.xml", "Submit3.xml", and so on, with the number increasing by one for each additional file. Each of these files MUST be referenced at the input element inside of the form definition (.xsf) file. All of these files MUST be contained inside of the form template.

Each Submit.xml file MUST contain only the following types:

  • myFields

  • dataFields, including the Web service method template specified in 2.6.2.