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2.1.16 Title

2.1.16 Title


A title is an optional set of structures on a page (section 1.3.2). It specifies the title of a page, and an optional date and time. The property sets (section 2.1.13) for a title contain some properties that distinguish them from property sets for other types of objects.

If a page has a title, the StructureElementChildNodes array (section 2.2.64) of the jcidPageNode structure (section 2.2.19) for the page MUST contain only one ObjectID structure (section 2.1.6) that references a jcidTitleNode structure (section 2.2.29).

If a page has a jcidTitleNode structure, it MUST have at least one jcidOutlineNode structure (section 2.2.20) for which the value of the IsTitleText element (section 2.3.41) is set to true. The page can optionally have a second jcidOutlineNode structure, for which the value of the IsTitleDate element (section 2.3.42) is also set to true. This second jcidOutlineNode structure can optionally have two child jcidOutlineElementNodes structures (section 2.2.21) that contain jcidRichTextOENodes (section 2.2.23) — one with an IsTitleDate value of true and another with an IsTitleTime (section 2.3.34) value of true.

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