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Pivot items represent specific instances of the entities represented by pivot fields (section Each pivot item specifies its display properties. For example, it can contain the user defined caption for the pivot item or information about whether this pivot item is hidden or not.

A pivot item specifies view properties of a cache item (section or of an aggregation value associated with a pivot fields (section

A pivot item is specified by an SXVI record (section 2.4.312) in a sequence of records that conforms to the PIVOTVD rule (section, and optionally an SXVIFlags structure (section 2.5.263) specified by an element in the array specified by the rgsxvi field of the SXVDTEx record (section 2.4.311). The SXVIFlags structure (section 2.5.263) specifies additional properties for OLAP PivotTable views (section

If the itmType field of SXVI (section 2.4.312) is 0x0000, then this pivot item is associated with the cache item (section specified by the iCache field of the SXVI record (section 2.4.312). Each pivot item that is associated with a cache item (section MUST be associated with a different cache item (section than the other pivot items in the collection. If the itmType field of this SXVI record (section 2.4.312) is not 0x0000, then this pivot item MUST NOT have an associated cache item (section

The number of pivot items where the itmType field of the SXVI record (section 2.4.312) of the pivot item is 0x0000 MUST equal zero or the number of cache items (section in the cache field (section of the pivot fields (section

A pivot item can be referenced by a pivot item index. A pivot item index is a zero-based index of SXVI records (section 2.4.312) in a PIVOTVD rule (section Note that unlike pivot field index and cache field index, pivot item index and cache item index are not necessarily equal.

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