2.4.6 Applying Properties


This section specifies algorithms for determining the properties of text, paragraphs, lists, and tables. The final two subsections (Determining Properties of a Style and Determining Formatting Properties) specify the order in which the arrays of Prls are combined to compute the final property set. Recall from section 2.2.5 (Property Storage) that it is valid for multiple Prls to modify the same property. In this event, the last Prl applied determines the value of that property, unless otherwise specified in the specification of a particular Sprm. Thus, an application MUST process the arrays of Prls in the order specified in section, Determining Formatting Properties, to arrive at the correct property set.

Recall also from section 2.2.5 (Property Storage) that a Prl MAY<11> be ignored by applications that do not support the features represented by the Prl.