3 Structure Examples


This section provides examples of the following structures:

  • An ECMA-376 document [ECMA-376] conforming to the IRMDS structure.

  • Office binary data file structures with corresponding hexadecimal and graphical representation.

The example for the ECMA-376 document [ECMA-376] contains the following streams and storages:

  • 0x06DataSpaces storage:

    • Version stream containing a DataSpaceVersionInfo structure as specified in section 3.1.

    • DataSpaceMap stream containing a DataSpaceMap structure as specified in section 3.2.

    • DataSpaceInfo storage:

      • DRMEncryptedDataSpace stream containing a DataSpaceDefinition structure as described in section 3.3.

    • TransformInfo storage:

      • 0x06Primary stream containing an IRMDSTransformInfo structure as described in section 3.4.

      • EUL-ETRHA1143ZLUDD412YTI3M5CTZ stream containing an EndUserLicenseHeader structure and a certificate chain as described in section 3.5.

  • EncryptedPackage stream.

  • 0x05SummaryInformation stream.

  • 0x05DocumentSummaryInformation stream.

Note that not all of the streams and storages in the file, including the 0x05SummaryInformation stream and 0x05DocumentSummaryInformation stream, are specified in the IRMDS structure, and examples are not provided for those streams in this section. OLE compound files conforming to this structure frequently contain other storages and streams.