3 Examples


The examples in sections 3.1 through 3.6 extend the section 2.5 use cases by illustrating how one or more use cases can be combined to achieve specific results for users. This document provides the following examples:

  • Send an instant message to a contact.

  • Make a call from Office Communicator.

  • Accept an inbound call to Office Communicator.

  • Add video to a voice call from Office Communicator.

  • Start a conference, join with multiparty audio, and start application-sharing.

  • Get current location and publish presence.

Unlike the use cases sections, which focus on abstract communications between general entities (for example, protocol server and protocol client), these sections discuss details that are specific to a Communications Server implementation. The examples help explain how the use cases can be applied to specific messaging tasks that map to typical user scenarios. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive. However, they can be easily applied to other similar scenarios. The protocol-level examples can be found in the individual protocol documents.