2.1.4 Object Space


An object space is a collection of objects (section 2.1.5). The objects in an object space can be revised independently of objects in other object spaces.

Object spaces MUST be referenced from the root file node list (section 2.1.14) by a FileNode structure (section 2.4.3) with a FileNodeID field value equal to 0x08 (ObjectSpaceManifestListReferenceFND structure, section 2.5.2). Object spaces MUST have a unique identifier (OSID), specified by the ObjectSpaceManifestListReferenceFND.gosid field. Every revision store file MUST have exactly one root object space whose OSID is specified by the ObjectSpaceManifestRootFND.gosidRoot field.

The content of an object space is specified by the ObjectSpaceManifestList structure (section 2.1.6).