SQL Server 2008 R2

Notifies the change application service that a change unit change has been successfully applied to the destination replica.

HRESULT ReportChangeUnitChangeApplied(
  ISyncChangeUnit * pChangeUnitChange);



[in] The change unit change that was successfully applied to the destination replica.

  • S_OK.



  • SYNC_E_ACTIVE_CHANGE_APPLICATION_CONTEXT when an IChangeApplicationContext object is already active. The active IChangeApplicationContext object must be processed until its IChangeApplicationContext::GetChangeApplicationAction method returns CAA_FINISHED before another change can be processed.

  • SYNC_E_CHANGE_NEEDS_KNOWLEDGE when pChangeUnitChange does not contain made-with knowledge.

  • SYNC_E_ID_FORMAT_MISMATCH when the format of a specified ID does not match the ID format schema specified when this object was initialized.

  • SYNC_E_INVALID_OPERATION when change application has not been started for a change batch, or when pChangeUnitChange or the parent change has already been reported as successfully applied or conflicting.

  • SYNC_E_FORGOTTEN_KNOWLEDGE_NOT_CONTAINED when the learned knowledge for the change does not contain the learned forgotten knowledge.