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ISyncMergeTombstoneChange Interface

Sync Framework 2.0

Represents additional information about an ISyncChange object that represents a merge tombstone.

interface ISyncMergeTombstoneChange : IUnknown

ISyncMergeTombstoneChange method Description


Gets the item ID that is used to identify the merged item in the synchronization community.

To obtain an ISyncMergeTombstoneChange object, pass IID_ISyncMergeTombstoneChange to the QueryInterface method of an ISyncChange object.

A merge tombstone is created when a constraint conflict is resolved by merging the two items in conflict. When a constraint conflict is resolved by merging, the smaller of the item IDs is chosen as the winning item ID and the larger is the losing item ID. The winning item ID is used to identify the merged item. The merge tombstone tracks that the losing item ID identifies the same item as the winning item ID in the synchronization community. The metadata for a merge tombstone is the same as that for a deleted item tombstone, with the addition of the winning item ID.

Header: Synchronization.h

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