Integrating Data from Different Providers

This section of the Sync Framework documentation describes how different providers can interoperate and share data.

The following topics provide introductory information about Sync Framework. If you are already familiar with these topics, see In this Section for more information.

Benefits of Using Sync Framework

Describes the benefits of using Sync Framework, including its flexible approach, powerful synchronization model, and productive tools.

What's New in Sync Framework 2.1

Describes features that have been added or enhanced in this version of Sync Framework.

Selecting the Appropriate Sync Framework Components

Guides you to the correct component to use for your synchronization scenario, and describes the Sync Framework architecture.

Installation, Redistribution, and Version Compatibility

Describes the installation packages that are used to install Sync Framework and how those installation packages can be redistributed with applications that use Sync Framework.

Converting Data Between Providers

Describes how to convert data during a synchronization session. Data conversion enables providers that synchronize the same type of data but in different formats to exchange changes with each other.

Synchronizing File Synchronization Provider with Other Providers

Shows how to create a managed application that uses IFileDataRetriever to enable synchronization between a file synchronization provider and a simple provider.