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When implemented by a derived class, saves information about items that are involved in a constraint conflict.

HRESULT SaveConstraintConflict(
  ISyncChange * pChange,
  BYTE * pConflictingItemId,
  CONSTRAINT_CONFLICT_REASON constraintConflictReason,
  IUnknown * pUnkData,
  ISyncKnowledge * pConflictKnowledge,
  BOOL fTemporary);


[in] The item metadata for the conflicting change from the source provider.


[in] The item ID of the item in the destination replica that conflicts with the item specified by pChange.


[in] The reason the conflict occurred.


[in] The item data for the conflicting change.


[in] The knowledge to be learned if this change is applied. This must be saved with the change.


[in] TRUE if this is a temporary conflict. Otherwise, FALSE.

  • S_OK

  • Provider-determined error codes

If the change that is represented by this conflict is applied to a replica, pConflictKnowledge must be combined with the knowledge of that replica.

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