IChangeUnitListFilterInfo Interface
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IChangeUnitListFilterInfo Interface

Sync Framework 2.0

Represents a filter that can be used to control which change units are included for items in an ISyncChangeBatch object.

interface IChangeUnitListFilterInfo : ISyncFilterInfo


IChangeUnitListFilterInfo method Description


Initializes a new instance of the IChangeUnitListFilterInfo class that contains the specified array of change unit IDs.


Gets the number of change unit IDs that define the filter.


Gets the change unit ID that is stored at the specified index in the array of change unit IDs that define the filter.

If a provider filters the contents of a change batch that it creates, it must create a filtered ISyncChangeBatch object instead of a standard change batch object by using IProviderFilteredSyncServices::CreateFilteredEnumerationChangeBatch. The filtered change batch object contains an IChangeUnitListFilterInfo object that describes how the contents of the change batch were filtered.

Header: Synchronization.h

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