ICoreFragment Interface
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ICoreFragment Interface

Sync Framework 2.0

Represents knowledge of all items in the scope for a specific set of change units.

interface ICoreFragment: IUnknown

ICoreFragment method



Returns the next change unit ID in the set of change unit IDs that this knowledge fragment applies to.


Returns the next range that is contained in this knowledge fragment, and the clock vector that defines what is known about the items in the range.


Resets both the column and range enumerators to the beginning of their respective sets.


Gets the number of columns that are contained in this knowledge fragment.


Gets the number of ranges that are contained in this knowledge fragment.

An ISyncKnowledge2 object contains one or more ICoreFragment objects. Each object contains knowledge that applies to a specific set of change units. Typically, one of the ICoreFragment objects contains no change unit IDs. The knowledge that is contained in the ICoreFragment object that contains no change unit IDs applies to all change unit IDs that are not otherwise contained in another ICoreFragment object.

Header: Synchronization.h

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