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2.2.76 TextRunIndex


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: jcidRichTextOENode

The TextRunIndex structure specifies the character positions (CPs) (section 2.1.4) where text runs end in a paragraph. The number of text runs equals the count of elements in the rgIndices.rgUINT32 element plus 1.

Each CP is an index into a corresponding RichEditTextUnicode structure (section 2.2.5). The value of each CP MUST be greater than the previous CP and it MUST be from zero through the length of the string.

Each text run spans rgIndices.rgUINT32[n – 1] through rgIndices.rgUINT32[n], where n is the zero-based number of the text run, except the first text run, which begins at a CP that is equal to zero, and the last text run, which ends at the end of the string. By default, there is only one text run in a paragraph.

Child Elements:

rgIndices: An ArrayOfUINT32s structure (section 2.2.11) in which each rgUINT32 element is a CP that specifies where a text run ends. The number of rgUINT32 elements MUST be the number of elements in the TextRunFormatting.rgFormattingIDs.rgUINT32 element minus 1.

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