2.3.72 IsConflictObjectForSelection


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: jcidImageNode, jcidOutlineGroup, jcidRichTextOENode, jcidNumberListNode, jcidOutlineElementNode, jcidTableCellNode, jcidTableRowNode, jcidEmbeddedFileNode, jcidOutlineNode, jcidTitleNode

The IsConflictObjectForSelection simple type is a Boolean that specifies whether an object generatesd a conflict during operations that merge changes to the page that contains the object, and also whether the resulting conflict object can be selected. This value MUST NOT be set for objects that are not on a conflict page (section 2.1.2). By default, an object is not a conflict object (section 2.1.1) that can be selected.