Table Styles


Table styles specify additional formatting for cells inside tables or PivotTable views (section

Tables can specify an applied table style with the List12TableStyleClientInfo record (section 2.5.176). PivotTable views (section specify an applied table style with the SXAddl_SXCView_SXDTableStyleClient record (section These two records reference a table style by name with the stListStyleName and stName fields, respectively.

Table styles are either built-in or custom. Built-in table styles are specified in [ECMA-376] part 4, 3.8.40. Custom table styles used in a workbook are specified in the collection of records beginning with TableStyles (section 2.4.322).

A table style consists of a collection of table style elements (section For custom table styles, these elements are specified by the collection of TableStyleElement records (section 2.4.321) following the TableStyle record (section 2.4.320).

Each table style element (section specifies the formatting to be applied to cells in a particular region of the table or PivotTable view (section These regions are specified by the possible values of the tseType field of the TableStyleElement record (section 2.4.321).