2.2.14 jcidPersistablePropertyContainerForTOC


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

The jcidPersistablePropertyContainerForToc structure specifies the properties of a notebook (section 1.3.4) and is contained in a table-of-contents (TOC) file (section 2.1.15). The value of the JCID element, as specified in [MS-ONESTORE], for this property set is "0x00020001".

Child Elements:

TOCEntryIndex_OidIndex: A TOCEntryIndex_OidIndex element (section 2.2.96) that specifies child elements of the notebook. A child element can be a section (section 1.3.1) or a subdirectory of the directory that contains the TOC file.

NotebookColor: A NotebookColor element (section 2.2.95) that specifies the color of the notebook.

EnableHistory: An EnableHistory (section 2.3.103) element that specifies whether version history pages (section 2.1.17) can be associated with the notebook.