Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/word/2010/wordml

A CT_OnOff element that specifies that when true, the cropped-out areas of the images are not to be saved.  Rather, the images saved are the results of applying imgProps (as specified in [MS-ODRAWXML] section on the original images. See section 2.2.2 for how this element integrates with ISO/IEC-29500-1.

If this element is absent or if it has a value of "false", the cropped-out areas of images are saved.

The following W3C XML Schema ([XMLSCHEMA1] section 2.1) fragment specifies the contents of this element.

 <xsd:element name="discardImageEditingData" type="CT_OnOff"/>

See section 5.1 for the full W3C XML Schema ([XMLSCHEMA1] section 2.1).