2.2.51 ElementChildNodesOfOutline


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: jcidOutlineNode, jcidOutlineGroup

The ElementChildNodesOfOutline structure is an array of ObjectID structures (section 2.1.6) that specifies the child outline nodes of an outline (section It MUST be set and MUST contain at least one ObjectID structure that references a jcidOutlineElementNode element. In addition, each ObjectID structure in the array MUST reference one of the following structures.

Child Elements:

jcidOutlineGroup: A jcidOutlineGroup element (section 2.2.22) that specifies a group of outlines that are contained in the outline.

jcidOutlineElementNode: A jcidOutlineElementNode element (section 2.2.21) that specifies an outline element that is contained in the outline.