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Creating, Publishing, and Deleting a Knowledge Base Article

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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When you create a knowledge base article, you have to associate it with a knowledge base template and a subject. A knowledge base template describes formatting and the sections that are used in the article. Subjects are used to organize the articles by business categories. The business categories are also used to group cases (incidents), sales literature and products. The best practice is to create a subject tree hierarchy and all the necessary knowledge base templates before you create an article.

Note    Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides several knowledge base templates that are available upon installation of the system. They include Standard KB Article, Solution to a Problem, Procedure and other templates. The recommended method of creating knowledge base article templates is by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application. If you want to create a knowledge base article template programmatically, use existing knowledge base article templates as examples of what sections and information to include and how to format the data.

To associate an article with the knowledge base template, use the kbarticle.kbarticletemplateid property. To add an article in a specific category by specifying a subject, use the kbarticle.kbarticlesubject property.

To specify the keywords that you want to use in the search, use the kbarticle.keywords property. To describe an article you can use the kbarticle.description property. To add the content for the article, use the kbarticle.content property. Use the kbarticle.articlexml property to add the XML data for article.

After you create an article, change the state of the article from Draft to Unapproved. You can edit the content of an Unapproved article and make it ready for publishing. When the article is ready to be published, change the state to Published.

After you publish an article, you cannot edit it, regardless of your permissions. If you have to add new revisions and updates to the article, you have to unpublish it. To unpublish an article, change the state of the article from Published to Unapproved.

You can remove the article from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database by deleting it. To delete an article, change the state of the article from Published to Unapproved or Draft. A knowledge base article cannot be deleted if it is in the Published state.

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