Cmdlet Output


This section discusses the types of cmdlet output and the methods that cmdlets can call to generate output such as error messages and objects. This section also describes how to define the .NET Framework types that are returned by your cmdlets and how those objects are displayed.

In This Section

Types of Cmdlet Output

Describes the types and output that cmdlets can generate and the methods that cmdlets call to generate the output.

Cmdlet Error Reporting

Discusses cmdlet error reporting, a subset of cmdlet output.

Extending Output Objects

Discusses how to use the types files (.ps1xml) to extend the .NET Framework objects that are returned by cmdlets, functions, and scripts.

Windows PowerShell Formatting Files

Describes the formatting files (.format.ps1xml) files that define the default display for a specific set of .NET Framework objects in Windows PowerShell.

Custom Formatting Files

Describes how to create your own custom formatting files to overwrite the default display formats or to define the display of objects returned by your own commands.