Windows PowerShell Formatting Files


Windows PowerShell provides several formatting files (.format.ps1xml) that are located in the installation directory ($pshome). Each of these files defines the default display for a specific set of .NET Framework objects. These files should never be changed. However, you can use them as a reference for creating your own custom formatting files.


Defines the display of objects in the Certificate store such as x.509 certificates and certificate stores.


Defines the display of miscellaneous .NET Framework objects such as CultureInfo, FileVersionInfo, and EventLogEntry objects.


Defines the display of file system objects such as file and directory objects.


Defines the different views used by the Get-Help cmdlet, such as the detailed, full, parameters, and example views.


Defines the display of the objects generated by Windows PowerShell core cmdlets, such as the objects returned by the Get-Member and Get-History cmdlets.


Defines the display of trace objects such as those generated by the Trace-Command cmdlet.


Defines the display of registry objects such as key and entry objects.