WebRequest.SearchTags Property (Bing, Version 2.1)


Specifies name and value combinations for which to search within the HTML <meta> tag. Only pages that contain these combinations will be returned.

public string[] SearchTags { get; set; }

The format for the property is WebRequest.SearchTags = “Search.Name:Value

For example, if you specify WebRequest.SearchTags = “Search.Interest:Biking”, the response would include pages that contain <meta name="Search.Interest" content="Mountain Biking">, pages that contain <meta name="Search.Interest" content="Road Biking"> and any other pages for which the meta tag specifies a content value that includes biking.

If you wanted to restrict returned pages to only those that include Road Biking, include \ characters:

WebRequest.SearchTags = “Search.Interest:\”Road Biking\””

This property is often used by owners of multiple sites. For example, if you want to send a request that returns results from multiple sites, you could:

  1. Include the appropriate name and content combinations in meta tags on pages across sites.

  2. Include the corresponding WebRequest.SearchTags Name and Value combinations in a request.