This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in the Exchange 2010 Transport Agents SDK

Exchange Server 2010

Welcome to the new Exchange Server 2010 Transport Agents SDK. This section summarizes changes that we have made to the organization and content of the SDK for this release.

New members have been added to the following types for Exchange 2010:

The following members have been updated to include a list of the properties that are associated with the type:

The topics listed in this section were changed to correct errors, and to make confusing sections more clear. A big "thank you" to the customers and developers who used the Exchange Server 2010 SDK Feedback alias ( to inform us of these problems. You can always send us feedback by using the feedback section that appears at the bottom of every page in the downloadable SDK.

Other small changes were made to fix links, code examples, and so on. Again we thank our customers and developers who identified and informed us of these problems.