Programming Guide

You can use the information in the following sections to build applications that extend the capabilities of Microsoft® Windows Media® Services.



Getting Started

Discusses the header files and type libraries that can be used in your project and presents examples that illustrate how to create a server object.

Programming the Server Object Model

Discusses the interfaces that make up the server object model.

Programming System Plug-in Properties

Discusses the system plug-ins that can be configured by using interfaces included with the Windows Media Services Software Development Kit (SDK).

Programming Custom Plug-ins

Discusses how to create custom plug-ins.

Programming Playlists

Discusses how to manage server-side playlists.


Discusses the C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, and JScript samples that are included with Windows Media Services.

The following languages are supported:

  • C++

  • C#

  • Microsoft Visual Basic®

  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition

  • Microsoft JScript®