1.3 Overview

NetBIOS resources are referenced by NetBIOS name. An application, representing a resource, registers one or more NetBIOS names that it uses to communicate with other hosts on the network. This document does the following:

  1. It discusses NetBIOS name registration and name querying on hosts with more than one interface.

  2. When a NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS) receives a registration for a group name, [RFC1002] section requires that the NBNS replace any existing entry with the new entry, so that only one IP address can be registered for a group name. However, a group name is one that can be owned by any number of nodes. This document modifies the behavior of group name registrations to allow the NBNS to keep multiple addresses as originally intended.

  3. Defines the format of the LMHOSTS file and when it is accessed. The LMHOSTS file is read on two separate occasions. At the initialization of the NetBIOS system, LMHOSTS is read to initialize the local name cache with the entries that are labeled "#PRE". During NetBIOS name resolution, if the name cannot be resolved from the local name cache or by using the normal NetBIOS protocol name resolutions, then the NetBIOS name resolution process system can be configured to scan the LMHOSTS file on a per-query basis, looking for entries that resolve the query.