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ContractBasedImportDefinition Properties

ContractBasedImportDefinition Properties

The ContractBasedImportDefinition type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Cardinality Gets the cardinality of the exports required by the import definition. (Inherited from ImportDefinition.)
Public property Constraint Gets an expression that defines conditions that must be matched to satisfy the import described by this import definition. (Overrides ImportDefinition.Constraint.)
Public property ContractName Gets the name of the contract. (Inherited from ImportDefinition.)
Public property IsPrerequisite Gets a value that indicates whether the import definition must be satisfied before a part can start producing exported objects. (Inherited from ImportDefinition.)
Public property IsRecomposable Gets a value that indicates whether the import definition can be satisfied multiple times. (Inherited from ImportDefinition.)
Public property RequiredCreationPolicy Gets or sets a value that indicates that the importer requires a specific CreationPolicy for the exports used to satisfy this import.
Public property RequiredMetadata Gets the metadata names of the export required by the import definition.
Public property RequiredTypeIdentity Gets the expected type of the export that matches this ContractBasedImportDefinition.

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