What's New in the SDK for the Microsoft Atlas Campaign Management API

Atlas API
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This topic is being removed. For information about new samples or major organization changes to the documentation, see Release Notes.

This topic provides information about changes to the Atlas Campaign Management API documentation.

New Overview Topic

A new topic, Required Elements By Object, has been added to the documentation. This topic summarizes which elements are required to construct a create or update request for each entity type.

New Code Samples

The following code samples have been added to the documentation:

Namespace Information

Each data object, message object, and value set topic has been updated to include the URI for the namespace that defines the object or value set. For example, the Namespace section of the Placement topic now indicates that the Placement object is defined in the following namespace:


Updated Service Operation Limitations

Request and Response Message Object Element Tables

The service operation request and response message object element tables have been reorganized. Each request and response message object topic now contains two element tables:

  • The Body Elements table contains the elements that can be specified in the request or response body.

  • The Header Elements table contains the elements that are specified in the request or response header.

For an example of a topic that contains the Body Elements and Header Elements tables, see CreateBuysRequest Message.

Campaign Management API Version 2

The support period for version 2 of the Campaign Management API has ended. As a result, the version 2 documentation has been removed from this SDK. For more information, see Versioning.

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