This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Emulating breaking in a While activity

This topic applies to Windows Workflow Foundation 4 (WF4).

This sample demonstrates how to break the looping mechanism of the following activities: DoWhile, ForEach, While, and ParallelForEach.

This is useful because Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) does not include any activity to break the execution of these loops.


The sample finds the first reliable vendor from a list of vendors (instances of the Vendor class). Each vendor has an ID, a Name and a numeric reliability value that determines how dependable the vendor is. The sample creates a custom activity called FindReliableVendor that receives two input parameters (a list of vendors and a minimum reliability value) and returns the first vendor of the list that matches the supplied criteria.

Breaking a Loop

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) does not include an activity to break a loop. The code sample accomplishes breaking a loop by using an If activity and several variables. In the sample, the While activity is broken once the reliableVendor variable is assigned a value other than null.

The following code example demonstrates how the sample breaks a while loop.

// Iterates while the “i” variable is lower than the size of the list 
// and any reliable Vendor is found.      
new While(env => i.Get(env) < this.Vendors.Get(env).Count && reliableVendor.Get(env) == null)
    DisplayName = "Main loop. Breaks when a reliable vendor is found",
    Body = new Sequence
        Activities =
            // This is the if used for setting the value of the break value…
            new If
                DisplayName = "Check for a reliable vendor",

                //  If a vendor satisfies the reliability level…
                Condition = new InArgument<bool>(env => 
                           this.Vendors.Get(env)[i.Get(env)].Reliability > 

                // then assign that vendor to the reliable vendor variable and 
                // the while condition becomes false (exit the loop).
                Then = new Assign<Vendor>
                    To = reliableVendor,
                    Value = new InArgument<Vendor>(env => 

            // Increment the iteration variable. 
            new Assign<int>
                DisplayName = "Increment iteration variable",
                To = i,
                Value = new InArgument<int>(env => i.Get(env) + 1)

To use this sample

  1. Using Visual Studio 2010, open the EmulatingBreakInWhile.sln solution file.

  2. To build the solution, press CTRL+SHIFT+B.

  3. To run the solution, press CTRL+F5.

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