Virtual Machine

The Virtual Machine resource type is used to control the state of a virtual machine (VM). The following table shows the mapping between the state of the VM (indicated by the EnabledState property of the Msvm_ComputerSystem instance representing the VM) and the state of the Virtual Machine resource (indicated by the State property of the MSCluster_Resource class or the return of GetClusterResourceState function).

VM stateVirtual Machine resource state

Disabled (3)

Offline (3)

Suspended (32769)

Starting (32770)

Online Pending (129) / Online (2)

Stopping (32774)

Offline Pending (130) / Offline (3)

Saving (32773)

Enabled (2)

Online (2)

Paused (32768)

Pausing (32776)

Resuming (32777)


The following table summarizes the characteristics of the Virtual Machine resource type.


Required dependencies


Required private properties

CheckHeartbeat, MigrationFailureReason, MigrationProgress, OfflineAction, ShutdownAction, VmId

Optional private properties