Digital-Video Errors

The following additional return values are defined for digital-video devices:

Value Meaning
MCIERR_AVI_AUDIOERRORUnknown error while attempting to play audio.
MCIERR_AVI_BADPALETTEUnable to switch to new palette.
MCIERR_AVI_CANTPLAYFULLSCREENThis AVI file cannot be played in full screen mode.
MCIERR_AVI_DISPLAYERRORUnknown error while attempting to display video.
MCIERR_AVI_NOCOMPRESSORCan't locate installable compressor needed to play this file.
MCIERR_AVI_NODISPDIB256 color VGA mode not available.
MCIERR_AVI_NOTINTERLEAVEDThis AVI file is not interleaved.
MCIERR_AVI_OLDAVIFORMATThis AVI file is of an obsolete format.
MCIERR_AVI_TOOBIGFORVGAThis AVI file is too big to be played in the selected VGA mode.