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Creating an MCIWnd Window

The MCIWndCreate function registers and creates an MCIWnd window. The window can be a parent, child, or pop-up window. The following example creates an MCIWnd window as a child window and lets the user control playback by providing access to the trackbar and the Play, Stop, and Menu buttons. The example specifies a handle of a parent window and specifies NULL for the window styles, so the default window styles of WS_CHILD, WS_BORDER, and WS_VISIBLE are used to create the MCIWnd window.

// Global variable and constants 
// extern HINSTANCE g_hinst;       instance handle 
// extern HWND g_hwndMCIWnd;       MCIWnd window handle 
    switch (wParam) { 
        g_hwndMCIWnd = MCIWndCreate(hwnd, g_hinst, NULL, 

Note  You could also specify NULL for both the parent window handle and the window styles, in which case the default window styles would be WS_OVERLAPPED and WS_VISIBLE.



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