Changing the Playback State

The following examples show how to use the pause, resume, stop, and seek commands in the mciSendString function.

// Assume the file was opened with the alias 'movie'. 
// Pause play. 
mciSendString("pause movie", NULL, 0, NULL); 
// Resume play. 
mciSendString("resume movie", NULL, 0, NULL); 
// Stop play. 
mciSendString("stop movie", NULL, 0, NULL); 
// Seek to the beginning. 
mciSendString("seek movie to start", NULL, 0, NULL); 

The following example shows how to change the seek mode:

// Set seek mode with the string interface. 
// Assume the file was opened with the alias 'movie'. 
void SetSeekMode(BOOL fExact) 
    if (fExact) 
        mciSendString("set movie seek exactly on", NULL, 0, NULL); 
        mciSendString("set movie seek exactly off", NULL, 0, NULL);