Operations on PL/SQL APIs

Oracle E-Business Suite provides a set of PL/SQL APIs in the form of packaged functions and stored procedures. These packaged functions and procedures are surfaced as operations in Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite. The PL/SQL APIs are grouped by schema names under the Artifact-Based View and Schema-Based View nodes when you connect to Oracle E-Business Suite using Consume Adapter Service Add-in, Add Adapter Metadata Wizard or Add Adapter Service Reference Plug-in. For information about browsing the PL/SQL APIs in the Oracle E-Business adapter, see Browsing, Searching, and Retrieving Metadata for Oracle E-Business Operations.

The Oracle E-Business adapter displays the PL/SQL APIs associated with the Oracle database as well as the applications in Oracle E-Business Suite under the Artifact-Based View and Schema-Based View nodes.

  • Before you can perform operations on PL/SQL APIs associated with applications in Oracle E-Business Suite, you must set the applications context. This is because setting applications context facilitates secure transactions in Oracle E-Business Suite by setting user preferences (such as responsibility, organization, and language settings) and access control for an artifact. However, it is optional to set the applications context for PL/SQL APIs associated with Oracle database. For information about applications context, and how to set it, see Setting Application Context.

  • The Oracle E-Business adapter cannot ascertain whether or not a default value is assigned for a parameter in a PL/SQL API in Oracle. Moreover, the adapter also cannot ascertain whether a parameter is defined as mandatory or optional in a PL/SQL API in Oracle. The adapter treats every parameter as an optional parameter, and if no value is specified for a parameter that:

    • Has a default value specified in Oracle then the default value is used.

    • Is defined as a mandatory parameter in Oracle then an exception is thrown.

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