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Support for Composite Operations

The Oracle E-Business adapter enables adapter clients to perform composite operations that can include any number of the following operations, and in any order:

  • Select, Insert, Update, and Delete operations on an interface table and database table.

  • Select operation on an interface view and database view.

  • Stored procedures, functions, and procedures within packages that are surfaced as operations in the adapter.

The operations in a composite operation can target tables and views in the same database or different databases. However, data cannot be shared or reused across different operations in a composite operation. For example, in a composite operation, the result set of a Select operation cannot be used as the input parameter for a stored procedure.

Each operation in a composite operation is performed using a separate connection. The Oracle E-Business adapter consumes as many connections from the ODP.NET connection pool as the number of operations in a composite operation, and then releases the connections as the operations get executed. However, if an operation in the composite operation returns a result set, the connection is released only after the message is consumed.

If you experience time-out issues while executing a composite operation then it could be because the number of connections is less than the number of operations in a composite operation involving:

  • Stored procedures containing BFILE, BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, and REF CURSOR as OUT or IN OUT parameters.

  • Select operation.

To resolve this issue, you must ensure that if there are “n” number of such operations in a composite operation, the value specified for the MinPoolSize binding property is “n+1” or greater. For more information about the MinPoolSize binding property, see Working with BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite Binding Properties.

For information about:

You can also set the applications context for composite operations in the Oracle E-Business adapter. It is mandatory to set the applications context for the composite operations if any of the operations in a composite operation is performed on an interface table or interface view. For information about applications context, and how to set it, see Setting Application Context.

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