Manually Configuring a Physical Port Binding to the Oracle E-Business Adapter

This section provides information about configuring the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite as a WCF custom binding or as a WCF-OracleEBS port by using the BizTalk Server Administration console. After deploying the adapter, you will be able to send and receive messages from Oracle E-Business Suite by using the BizTalk Server Administration console. The steps for deploying the adapter vary depending on:

  • The direction of communication between BizTalk Server and the Oracle E-Business adapter. You may choose to configure a send, receive, send-receive, or a receive-send port. Your choices are summarized in the following table.

    Port directionCommunication patternDirection of communication to choose from



    I will always be sending messages on this port.



    I will always be receiving messages on this port.



    I will be sending a request and receiving a response.



    I will be receiving a request and sending a response.

    For more information, see the BizTalk Server Help documentation at

  • Whether the adapter sends messages to or receives messages from Oracle E-Business Suite. Depending on whether you want to send or receive messages, you will create a send or receive port, respectively.

    You can also configure the send or receive ports by importing a binding configuration file that is created by the Consume Adapter Service Add-in as part of metadata generation. For instructions on configuring ports using this binding file, see Configuring a Physical Port Binding Using a Port Binding File.