Run composite operations in SQL Server using the SQL adapter


The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server enables adapter clients to perform composite operations on the SQL Server database. A composite operation can include any number of the following operations, and in any order:

  • The Insert, Update, and Delete operations on the tables and views.

  • Stored procedures that are surfaced as operations in the adapter.

The operations in a composite operation must target tables and views only in a single database.

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System_CAPS_ICON_important.jpg Important

If there are “n” number of operations in a composite operation that return a result set then “n+1” number of connections are required for the composite operation to be executed. Therefore, you must ensure that the value specified for the MaxConnectionPoolSize binding property is n+1 or greater. For more information about the MaxConnectionPoolSize binding property, see Read about BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server adapter Binding Properties.

What Operations Can be Performed Using the Adapter?