Operations on Tables and Views That Contain Large Data Types

The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server provides supports for the following SQL Server large data types:

  • Varchar(Max)

  • Nvarchar(Max)

  • Varbinary(Max)

To read large data values from SQL Server, the SQL adapter exposes the Select operation.

To write large data values to SQL Server, the SQL adapter exposes the Set<column_name> operation, where <column_name> is the name of the column of type Varchar(Max), Nvarchar(Max) or Varbinary(Max). The Set<column_name> operation also allows adapter clients to write FILESTREAM data in SQL Server 2008.

The Set<column_name> operation is available only for those tables and views that contain columns with any of the three large data types mentioned earlier.

For detailed information about performing operations on tables and views in SQL Server that contain large data types, see Performing Operations on Tables and Views with Large Data Types by Using BizTalk Server.