Metadata and the WCF Service Model with the SQL adapter


In the WCF service model, you use the Add Adapter Service Reference Visual Studio Plug-in or the ServiceModel Metadata Utility Tool (svcutile.exe) to do the following:

  • Generate a service contract—the WCF service contract—through which your code can receive operations from the adapter. This .NET interface represents the service contract for target operations.

  • Generate proxy classes—the WCF client class—through which your code can invoke operations on the adapter.

  • Annotated classes that represent the supporting message contracts, operation contracts, and data contracts for the service contract.

For help in understanding the structure of this generated code, see Understanding Generated Client Code. This topic specifically describes code that svcutil.exe generates, but its content is also applicable to the code that the Add Adapter Service Reference Plug-in generates.

For information about how to generate a WCF client class or WCF service contract for target operations and about the differences between svcutil.exe and the Add Adapter Service Reference Plug-in, see Generate a WCF Client or WCF Service Contract for SQL Server Artifacts.

Develop SQL applications using the WCF Service model