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There are two principal sources of information from Microsoft about the BizTalk Adapter Pack:

  • The documentation and samples installed with the BizTalk Adapter Pack.

  • The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack forums.

BizTalk Adapter Pack Documentation

You can install the BizTalk Adapter Pack documentation when you install the BizTalk Adapter Pack. (For information about how to install the BizTalk Adapter Pack, see the installation guide. The installation guide is typically available at <installation drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack\Documents.) The core documentation covers the concepts and procedures required to use the BizTalk Adapter Pack.

After you install the BizTalk Adapter Pack Setup program, you can access the documentation through the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack program group on the Start menu.

BizTalk Adapter Pack Samples

This BizTalk Adapter Pack release will provide samples demonstrating how to use the adapters with:

  • BizTalk Server.

  • The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) channel model.

  • The WCF service model.

In addition, migration samples are provided.

The samples are available at

BizTalk Adapter Pack Forums

You can post your queries about the BizTalk Adapter Pack on the forums.


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