Message Schemas for the Composite Operation


The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database enables you to execute composite operations on the Oracle database. A composite operation can contain multiple operations, and in any order. For information about which operations can be included in a composite operation, see Run Composite Operations in Oracle Database.

For information about how to perform composite operations using the Oracle Database adapter, see Run Composite Operations on Oracle Database using BizTalk Server.

Because a composite operation contains multiple individual operations; the message structure of a composite operation contains message structures of the individual operations. The composite operation message follows a request-response message exchange pattern.

The following table shows the structure of the request and response messages of a composite operation that contains an Insert operation, a packaged stored procedure that does not take any input parameters, and a Delete operation.

OperationXML Message
Composite Operation Request<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Request xmlns="http://[PROJECT_NAME].[COMPOSITE_SCHEMA_NAME]"> <Insert xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Table/[TABLE_NAME]"> <RECORDSET> <[TABLE_NAME]RECORDINSERT> <[FIELD1_NAME]>[value1]</[FIELD1_NAME]> <[FIELD2_NAME]>[value2]</[FIELD2_NAME]> … </[TABLE_NAME]RECORDINSERT> </RECORDSET> </Insert> <[SP_NAME] xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Procedure" /> <Delete xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Table/[TABLE_NAME]"> <FILTER>[WHERE_clause]</FILTER> </Delete> </Request>
Composite Operation Response<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <RequestResponse xmlns="http://[PROJECT_NAME].[COMPOSITE_SCHEMA_NAME]"> <InsertResponse xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Table/[TABLE_NAME]"> <InsertResult>[value]</InsertResult> </InsertResponse> <[SP_NAME]Response xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Procedure"> <[PRM1_NAME]>value1<[PRM1_NAME]> <[PRM2_NAME]>value2</[PRM2_NAME]> … </[SP_NAME]Response> <DeleteResponse xmlns="[VERSION]/[SCHEMA]/Table/[TABLE_NAME]"> <DeleteResult>[value]</DeleteResult> </DeleteResponse> </RequestResponse>

[VERSION] = The message version string; for example, http://Microsoft.LobServices.OracleDB/2007/03

[PROJECT_NAME] = Name of the BizTalk project that contains the composite operation schema.

[COMPOSITE_SCHEMA_NAME] = Name of the composite operation schema given by the user.

[SCHEMA] = Collection of Oracle artifacts; for example, SCOTT.

[TABLE_NAME] = Name of the table; for example, EMPLOYEE.

[FIELD1_NAME] = Table field name; for example, NAME.

[SP_NAME] = The packaged stored procedure to be executed; for example, ADD_EMP_DETAILS.

[PRM1_NAME] = The name of the Oracle parameter in the stored procedure.

The message action for the composite operation is “http://Microsoft.LobServices.OracleDB/2007/03/CompositeOperation.”

Messages and Message Schemas for BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database