Frequently Asked Questions (Microsoft Help System 1.1)

The questions in this topic are organized by component:

  • Microsoft Help Viewer general information

  • Help Library Manager

  • Help Library Agent (offline help tray application)

How can I follow the Microsoft Help team?

Learn more on our Help Viewer blog.

Why are the "Check updates" and "Remove content" links disabled when I open Help Library Manager?

The documentation set that you are managing does not contain any content.

I'm downloading content, and the status message says "Waiting for download manager..." What is going on?

This happens when a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) job for a different process is running. The Help Library Manager BITS jobs must wait in the BITS queue until pending jobs finish.

How can I diagnose errors in Help Library Manager?

Help Library Manager and other Microsoft Help Viewer components log errors to the event viewer.

What is the purpose of Help Library Agent?

Help Library Agent is a tray application that allows the help infrastructure to intercept and route help queries, such as F1 calls, to the correct destination. The tray application also manages hyperlink resolution. The tray application does not access online content or use a network connection.

What will happen if I close the agent application?

If you currently have a topic open, the links in the topic will no longer work.

Will F1 stop working if the agent application is closed?

No. F1 will restart the tray application.