The SubRequestType complex type contains information about a basic cell storage service subrequest. The SubRequestType is used as the base complex type to extend the SubRequestElementGenericType. The SubRequestElementGenericType takes one of the following forms: CellSubRequestType, CoauthSubRequestType, SchemaLockSubRequestType, ExclusiveLockSubRequestType, WhoAmISubRequestType, ServerTimeSubRequestType, GetDocMetaInfoSubRequestType, or FileOperationSubRequestTypeCellSubRequestType is specified in section CoauthSubRequestType is specified in section ExclusiveLockSubRequestType is specified in section SchemaLockSubRequestType is specified in section ServerTimeSubRequestType is specified in section WhoAmISubRequestType is specified in section EditorsTableSubRequestType is specified in section is specified in section FileOperationSubRequestType is specified in section VersioningSubRequestType is specified in section AmIAloneSubRequestType is specified in section LockStatusSubRequestType is specified in section PropertiesSubRequestType is specified in section

 <xs:complexType name="SubRequestType">
  <xs:attribute name="SubRequestToken" type="xs:nonNegativeInteger" use="required"/>
  <xs:attribute name="DependsOn" type="xs:nonNegativeInteger" use="optional" />
  <xs:attribute name="DependencyType" type="tns:DependencyTypes" use="optional" />

SubRequestToken: A nonnegative integer that specifies a number that uniquely identifies the SubRequest element in a cell storage service request. SubRequestToken MUST be set to an unsigned integer value with a minimum allowed value of 0 and maximum allowed value of 4,294,967,295. For each new SubRequest element in a cell storage service request that needs to be sent to the protocol server, SubRequestToken gets incremented by the protocol client. SubRequestToken is reset to 1 by the protocol client for a new cell storage service request. The mapping subresponse that gets generated for the subrequest references SubRequestToken to indicate that it is the response for that subrequest. The SubRequestToken attribute MUST be specified for any type of SubRequest element.

DependsOn: A nonnegative integer that specifies the SubRequestToken of the SubRequest element that this specific subrequest is dependent on.

DependencyType: A DependencyTypes that specifies a value indicating the type of dependency between the SubRequest element and the SubRequest that is associated with the SubRequestToken indicated in the DependsOn attribute. DependencyTypes is specified in section